ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd. ישלב סוכנות לביטוח בע"מ ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd.
ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd.
ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd.


In the trade contract terms FOB / CFR and/or other similar terms of sale, it is the responsibility of the exporter to transport the goods to the port of loading and the importer must arrange the insurance.

There is a risk that the importer may reject the shipment if the goods are lost on its way or damaged on arrival. This can be as a result of an improper coverage, high deductibles or not arranging insurance at all.

We offer an all risk coverage (as per institute cargo clauses “A”) from the time the goods leave the exporter’s warehouse until it is loaded on to the carrying vessel/aircraft and the cover continues as per contingency insurance / sellers interest terms.

This insurance prevents unnecessary arguments between you, the supplier, and your client.

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