ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd. ישלב סוכנות לביטוח בע"מ ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd.
ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd.
ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd.

Ishlav - Taking Your Cargo Seriously

Ishlav insurance agency ltd is an underwriting agency which operates in the field of aerial/marine insurance since 1975. Over the years Ishlav has become one of the biggest and most leading marine insurance agencies in Israel, with annual premium cycle that amounts up to 8 million dollars.

The aerial and marine insurance is a dynamic and complex field that requires vast knowledge, expertise, high level of professional awareness and rapid responsiveness to changes and developments. Ishlav provides its clients a cargo load of… knowledge, experience and impeccable service.

Strength of a big company with the atmosphere of a small family

Ishlav offers a wide variety of insurance services, such as cargo and bulk commodities, insurance for bodies of ships and yachts, contingency insurance/sellers' interest, combined insurance for factories in establishment, characters' liability, marine consequential loss (md)/penalty insurance, political risks, exhibitions insurance and marine jobs. Ishlav represents several Israeli insurance agencies and works through London's greatest brokers – which allow ishlav to fit insurance coverage to all cargo types and to respond to a specific need of every single client.

  • Ishlav has a part in "Ram-Lev insurance agency ltd" and it constitutes an exclusive underwriting arm of such big agency.
  • The wide extent of activity and financial stability of Ishlav, allowing it to grant our clients with various and many insurance solutions, and promising a wholesome and quality product in an attractive price.
  • The strength and professionalism of Ishlav promise an efficient, serious and rapid care at all kinds of claims.
  • Hundreds of loyal clients in a wide variety of fields.

At Ishlav we have an experienced and proficient team who provides to its clients the most professional, efficient and courteous service. The close and family-oriented bond with our clients is one of the most important secrets that have made Ishlav a dominant factor in the field. Ishlav has many and various clients, big and small, of all areas: IT, electronics, bulk cargo, chemicals, plastics, foods, wood, consumption products, the kibbutz industry, security industries and more.

Ishlav Insurance Agency LTD. | P.O.B. 14045 Tel-Aviv 61140 | Tel: 03-6882211 | Fax: 03-6884420 | E-mail: ishlav@ishlav.co.il

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