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ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd.
ISHLAV - Insurance Agency Ltd.

Cargo InsuranceCargo Insurance

Our vast experience in marine and aviation insurance gives you, the assured, the opportunity of approaching us and receiving almost every cover at the best possible rate.

We offer coverage for goods, merchandise or commodities that are transported by ship, truck, railroad or aircraft.

The marine and aviation insurance coverage is standard and international and is subject to the Institute Cargo Clauses of London. 

The clauses are divided into three and normally extended to cover the risks of war, strikes, riots and civil commotions.

The clauses are as follows:
Institute cargo clauses “A”
Institute cargo clauses “B”
Institute cargo clauses “C”
Institute war clauses (cargo) &/or (air cargo)
Institute strikes clauses (cargo) &/or (air cargo)
The standard coverage that we provide for general cargo is against all risks as per institute cargo clauses “A”. The cover attaches from warehouse to warehouse as per terms of sale (the Incoterms).
We give you hereunder some of the risks we are dealing with:

  • Marine, Air and overland cargo insurance.
  • Marine / Air insurance including storage abroad and distribution to final client.
  • International insurance policies covering sending from worldwide to worldwide.
  • Insurance for shipments sent by political bill of ladings
  • Exhibition, demonstration and evaluation insurance.
  • Shipments personally taken by assured’s employee.
  • Confiscation risks
  • Rejection risks

Furthermore, here are some of the goods insured through us:

  • Chilled and/or frozen: food stuff, drugs and medicines, blood products etc.
  • Livestock.
  • Bulk shipments.
  • Timber, hot rolled steel coils, galvanized iron sheets etc.
  • Personal effect and household goods, arts and antiques.
  • Weapons, ammunition and dangerous chemicals.
  • Containers and Iso- Tanks.
  • Etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices and you will get the most professional and loyal assistance from one of our experienced crew members.

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